The core of our business is providing a tailor-made pet transport service in the UK and Europe. Whether it's a house move, a trip to the vets or kennels, a relocation to Europe, a collection or delivery to the airport or even travelling to a holiday home, we take all the worry and stress out of transporting your pet.


With our focus always on care and quality, we will treat your pet as if it were our own. We stop every 2-3 hours during the journey to walk your dog, to make sure that water is topped up and if we are transporting your cat, to give them a cuddle, talk to them and make sure they get some fresh air. If we are breaking up the journey with one or more overnight stops, we stay at pet friendly hotels so that we can take your pet into the hotel room rather than leaving them in the vehicle overnight.


I did on one occasion share my hotel room with a cat, a chihuahua, a Portugese Terrier, a German Shepherd, a Collie and a Staffie, needless to say it was a little crowded - but a lot of fun!



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