Our vehicles


All of our vehicles are fitted with purpose built cages. Each cage is fibreglass-lined which keeps your dog or cat up to 20°c cooler in summer and 20°c warmer in winter. Each cage has an escape hatch in case of emergencies, plus this enables us to unload your pets without the chance they will escape - particularly usefull for cats!


Each vehicle is fitted with air-conditioning, plus a rotary roof vent and a powered roof vent to make sure there is a constant flow of fresh air.


We have a small fridge in case medication is required for your pet during the journey, plus we have a database of vets at various points on the journey should their services be required.



Contact us


For more information about our vehicle or to make a booking, call us on 07917 848 095 or email us at enquiries@woodspettransport.com